Wednesday , April 14 2021

Horeca Schiermonnikoog in resistance: restaurants open on March 16 Inland

The owners of the Hotel Graaf Bernstorff and the Hotel Café Restaurant Duinzicht are the inspirers of the plan to open the restaurants and terraces, taking into account the measure of 1.5 meters and a maximum of 30 people indoors. “Dissatisfaction and frustration are growing,” says Remko de Bruijne of the Hotel Graaf Bernstorff. “We have been following the measures for a long time, but the balance of the measures has now been lost and the government is giving zero perspective. We would like to point out and hope that this small peat fire in Schiermonnikoog is spreading to the mainland and that other catering operations will follow. “

The piggy bank is empty

Gilles Harthoorn of the Hotel Café Restaurant Duinzicht adds: “It is no longer viable, something has to be done, the piggy bank is empty. In addition, I lack an understanding of the hospitality industry, both from The Hague and from the municipality here on the island. Contact with the mayor has deteriorated significantly, there is no consultation on options. “

The hotel owners will follow the crown measures applied last year between the locks, so keep a distance of 1.5 meters and up to 30 people inside. “The catering industry has little influence on the number of infections, according to research,” says De Bruijne. “That’s why we can open safely and I urge other entrepreneurs to do the same.”

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