Friday , November 27 2020

Flowers stolen from the site of the monument stabbed to death Paul (23): "Very sad & # 39;

Paul Pluijmert from Dordrecht was assassinated to death by a 36-year-old Bredanaar on Saturday night. Everything shows that the young man was a completely random victim.

"It's not yours"

"The same morning, his family came to put flowers, which were the first flowers," says a local resident in Omroep Brabant. In the days that followed, he saw that the flowers were removed from, among other things, a garbage and an employee of the municipality.

From his home the local resident is watching the subject closely. "No one dared say they should stay away from it, I, it's really sad, it's not yours, just stay away from it!"

"There are clearly the lights"

The place now looks much more like a monument than before. There are many more flowers that have been placed and also candles are put down. "That's what I believe will not happen now, because there is a fire that is burning," says the resident.

The municipality and the police inform BN DeStem that no reports have been received about taking flowers. A municipality spokesman says the officials did not have the mission to clean the flowers.

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