Saturday , February 27 2021

Towards a digitization of the sector –

Cereal experts support the digitization of the sector.

Cereal professionals have highlighted the role of digital in improving farmers’ productivity, stressing the importance attached to this aspect by the new “Green Generation” agricultural strategy, which makes it an important project.

Participants in a working meeting held between the Crédit Agricole du Maroc (CAM) and the Interprofessional Federation of Cereal Activities (FIAC), in the presence of the National Interprofessional Cereals and Legumes Office (ONICL) and the National Seed Marketing Company (SONACOS), welcomed the joint efforts of CAM, SONACOS and ONIC.

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They stressed the crucial position of the cereals sector in the Moroccan economy, especially at the level of major agronomic and economic importance in view of the significant contribution of the sector to agricultural GDP (PIBA), of great social weight. sector that plays a multiple role in upstream agriculture given its presence on almost all farms.

In addition, according to Eco Actu, the participants in this meeting, chaired by Tariq Sijilmassi, Chairman of the Board of CAM, Mohamed Alamouri, Chairman of COMADER and Jamal M’Hamdi for FIAC, stressed the importance of the sector . due to its strong interdependence with the animal sectors and its significant weight in guaranteeing the country’s food security, CAM adds.

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