Saturday , June 19 2021

THE PHOTOGRAPH. AKAA, the new talents of contemporary African art in Paris

Many artists regret the shackles of the world of art. One says: "Modern art in Africa is around the 1960s. The existence of an African artist is a form of ghetto that I can not stand, I am an artist and I am an African." But Victoria Mann, the director of AKAA, states: "Our first mission is to deconstruct and reverse the geographical areas. Our selection criteria, not the nationality or the place of life and work, is a criterion for us to claim a link with Africa. (…) The idea is to recreate a map of modern art, placed in the center of Africa, and this center to see all axes, all eyes, all passages, south-south and north-south, which are created. "

© Alun Be / AKAA

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