Monday , January 18 2021

The Finance Bill 2019 is debating today

The 2019 Finance bill will be presented today to the NPC by Finance Minister Abderrahmane Raouya.

As a result, the debates will be opened in plenary and will continue until tomorrow. The vote will be held on Thursday. Today, AFN's Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs will also present its report with proposals to amend or repeal some of the provisions of this bill. It is already known that the members of this Commission have canceled a provision contained in this PLF, inserted in Article 169 (4). The latter provides for a reduction in the advertising costs of companies, which will not fail to change the advertising revenue the media, which are already affected by the dramatic drop in advertising, especially in the private sector. It is recalled that PLF2019 is based on a reference oil price of $ 50 per barrel and is based on growth prospects of 2.6% and an inflation rate of 4.5%. %. A small increase in revenue was also recorded in this bill compared to 2018, as it is estimated at 6 508 billion dinars, of which less than one third (23.9%) will come from oil taxation. On the other hand, expenditure is revised downwards compared to the previous year and is estimated at 8 557 billion dinars. However, the operating budget remained inadequate, despite the overall reduction in spending capital, as more than 50% or 4 954 billion dinars were allocated on a temporary basis, with a slight increase for social transfers. who earn 1,763 billion dinars compared to 1,760 billion zenets last year. According to PLF2019, they are allocated to 445 billion billion to support families, while pensions will have 290 billion billion, in addition to the $ 500 billion of the CNR's funding, hence a decision to adjust the pension pensions announced by the CNR 2019. The budget for the equipment provided for by the present bill amounts to 6 200 billion dinars, of which 2.6 trillion dinars allocated to program licenses intended for new works or projects. re-evaluations. Reduced, compared to the previous year, that members should peel off in the sense that they reflect a sharp fall in public investment in the state.

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