Sunday , January 24 2021

The Clippers finally have a boost!

So far, we can not say that the Clippers shine from their activity during the free service. There are no major beginners, just returns like Marcus Morris have been confirmed. Fortunately for the franchise, a boost is finally coming!

After being knocked out by the Nuggets last year, the Clippers had to wonder quickly. Journalists were able to uncover the bad atmosphere in the locker room, which may partly explain the departure of some players. But the biggest problem is mainly the fact that others may want to avoid this group.

Since the launch of the free service, the Clippers have failed to attract any players. Marcus Morris resigned, as did Patrick Patterson, but nothing was too heavy. Something to worry about for fans and the success of next season.

But it ended, after the leaders managed to sign a great recruit for 2021: Serge Ibaka. Leaving the Raptors, Homeland has agreed with the California franchise for a two-year contract. A nice boost if he manages to adapt to the system of his new team.

Free agent Serge Ibaka plans to sign a 2-year, 19 million contract with the Clippers.

Recruitment that does good after the departure of Montrezl Harrell to the enemy, who he was also angry with Patrick Beverly. It’s a start for the Clippers, who will have to keep going if they want to dominate the rest of the Western Conference.

Serge Ibaka at the Clippers? This is good news for fans. But let’s hope their franchise doesn’t end there, because there’s still work to be done.

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