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the 6 Challenges for Democracy in Morocco –

For the Secretary General of the National Human Rights Council, consolidating democracy in Morocco requires the establishment of mediation between elected officials and civil society on the one hand and the Executive Committee another. A process that must take into account the importance of human rights.


C. whereas,how to devote the democratic principles to Morocco? This is the question that Secretary-General of the National Human Rights Council (CNDH) Mohamed Sebbar tried to answer a meeting devoted to the issues of democracy and mediation in Morocco. November 7 in the House of Advisors.

On this occasion, organized by the CNDH in cooperation with the Westminster Democracy Foundation, the head of the institution spoke about the importance of mediation, reports TelQuel Arabi, present during this address. For Mohamed Sebbar, Mediation is " more than a tool or means of resolving conflicts and differences. " but it represents a noble instrument for the realization of human rights and is the fundamental basis for certain aspects of human rights such as coexistence, dialogue and debate ". The Secretary-General of the CNDH also considers that "it is necessary to take human rights into account in their cultural, social and political aspects in order to allow for mediation and to become a continuous mechanism ".

Mohamed Sebbar stressed in particular the role of political parties and civil society in managing society and acting as mediators. The Secretary-General of the CNDH shares six challenges to improve mediation and consolidate democracy in Morocco:

  • Include democracy and human rights in education. "Because there is no democratic culture within the population, it is difficult to protect democracy"justified Muhammad Shebar in this sense.
  • Ensure the integration of key actors in the defense of democracy within administrations, judicial authorities, civil society and governance institutions, and ensure that they can exercise their functions for the benefit of the public.
  • Strengthening and rehabilitation of mediation through training on human rights.
  • Restore trust in political, social and political institutions, as well as in the bodies responsible for mediation.
  • Enhance the dialogue by encouraging the participation of women and young people in the democratic process.
  • Make sure that mediation takes into account the diversity of Moroccan society.

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