Saturday , September 25 2021

repeat the dialogue in a good way

Kings Don Felipe VI and Mohammed VI
Kings Don Felipe VI and Mohammed VI

After months of diplomatic squabble after Polisario Front leader Brahim Ghali was admitted to the Logroño hospital with a false identity bearing the name of Mohamed Ben Battouche of Algerian nationality, Morocco and Spain will finally coordinate their violins. It was Edouard de Castro González who made the revelation.

The resumption of relations between Morocco and Spain is on track. The comments are signed by the President of Melilla during a debate in the Local Parliamentary Assembly. Edouard de Castro González made the revelation yesterday, Friday, after meeting with the new Spanish Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albères. “I have the impression that the roadmap has changed” with the appointment of José Manuel Albares to the helm of Spanish diplomacy, he said. The lighthouse of Melila.

Edouard de Castro González spoke to give the minister time to settle down. “The foreign minister has literally told me that he is developing a strategy, ‘he promises that’ things will change, ‘” the Melilla president said in response to an oral question from a People’s Party deputy.

Eduard de Castro Gonzalez, apparently very convinced of the rapid resumption of relations with the kingdom of Serrefe, stressed that “Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Burita did not pick up the phone” to answer calls from Aranza Gonzalez. the minister (Albares), he will take it “.

In addition, during the handover ceremony, the young Iberian diplomat José Manuel Albares, sent positive messages to Morocco, calling him “Spain’s great friend”.

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