Saturday , January 23 2021

Morning – Hamid Fakhir is threatened with death

Ms Hamed Fakhir, coach AS FAR, has a nightmare. On Sunday, a group of supporters of AS FAR has developed a banner where they threaten the death of coach of the association, M'hamed Fakhir. The message was unquestionable: "Fakhir, you are a traitor, resign or dig your grave," they wrote. A very serious fact that does not make us laugh but which testifies to the extreme violence in our stadiums. The obstacle to all this is the inertia of the forces of the class that leave this message extreme. All of this is part of a recording attributed to the captain of the club, Youssef Kandziy, in which he blames M'hamed Fahir for corruption. The words that Kaddioui later refused to ensure that the sound was right. Insufficient to calm the supporters of FAR AS FAR until threatening Fakhir's physical integrity. Kaddioui's irresponsibility jeopardizes the life of the former coach of the national team.

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