Friday , October 22 2021

Life is Strange: True Colors, 50 shades of green


Moredi more than six years since his first work Life is strange is out. A license that has marked a good number of players with its narrative, its characters and its meticulous artistic direction. For this fourth project, it is Deck Nine, responsible for the sadly forgotten standalone Life is weird: Before the storm, who develops the game. This time the studio will manage to be more convincing with Life is Strange: True Colors ; The answer to this test which, I promise you, will be colorful!

But I see your true colors…

If you have Cindy Lauper’s song in mind right now, don’t thank me, I had it during this review! Small, Life is Strange: True Colors tells the story of Alex Chen, a young girl who was separated from her brother Gabe for eight years. Used to house families and orphanages, she intends to put aside these unnecessarily bright universes to find her brother in Haven Springs, which is much more welcoming by comparison.

But then ? How will this reunion take place? Well, the choice will be yours. Then you will get to know the different characters that enliven the city, to properly install the plot. However, one event will upset the routine of our heroine, Gabe will die in a tragic accident. And beware, here I do not really spoil you, the death of your brother has already been announced in the trailers. So, you need to research and find out what is really going on.

Life is strange You have to, Alex is gifted with a power, that of observing and perceiving people’s emotions. This will manifest as a kind of colorful aura around the protagonists, allowing us to know their feelings. For example, if a character is angry, they will appear in red on our screen. If the emotions are strong enough, Alex will also be able to read their thoughts and thus try to help them overcome what animates them. Like the first game, you can use this power anywhere and even on objects. Indeed, if you interact with them, you will be able to feel the memories they release.

The use of power can also open some doors to interactions. Get someone to confess something, use an emotion to learn more, the possibilities are many and move the story forward. Your actions may also unlock some dialog options that add more to the story.

… It shines

The first thing that struck me was the expressions of the characters. We finally feel what they feel, between joy, fear, anger, the movements of the face is an impressive realism. It really is something that stood out to me and works very well, especially for a title focused on emotions. Some protagonists charm and shout for the truth, while others only give us the impression of banging our heads. Therefore, it is flawless.

What does not change here is that we are still in a storytelling game where your choices will affect the storytelling. I appreciated the few twists that intervene in the story, even though I have to admit that the title suffers from a few lengths depending on the chapters. But where it changes on the other hand, it is at the level of dealing with history. Here, Life is Strange: True Colors offers us to live the adventure with one move and more in episodes where it took many months before we waited for the rest.

And in the end, it’s not bad. Indeed, the different chapters can be completed in a maximum of two hours, depending on your desire to explore these life-giving environments, reminiscent of a much-watered America. And yes, even with smaller episodes (since one could easily count three or even four hours to finish a chapter in the previous work), the title manages to offer an unequal pace according to the chapters. However, the script seeks to offer quite unexpected moments and differentiate the pleasures, but I will not go further in explaining why it would hurt you. So you know that in total, it will take you ten hours to complete the title. For a price of € 60, I still suggest a drop, to appreciate the game at its fair value. To add a little content to the set, you can also rely on the few collectibles that will be dotted in Haven Springs. They are not necessary for understanding the story, they add a little more to the story. And if you miss them, you will be able to select a chapter from the main menu.

True colors are as beautiful as a rainbow

Graphics, True colors it really lives up to its name. The scenery and surroundings are warm, colorful and add real charm to Haven Springs. We like to walk in the park for example to listen to the birds or to admire the flowers. The lighting effects are very successful and highlight the different landscapes. I will note just a few small visual errors that could have been avoided, such as a huge black square behind a character who showed intense emotion. These kinds of bugs that come out of the atmosphere a little bit, very bad.

The title offers as usual a quality OST that also brings a real charm to the atmosphere. From the first minutes of the game, there is no doubt that we are playing the license Life is strangeYou can always rely on the paths of Zen that accompany thoughtful and relaxing moments. But the innovation here is a rock soundtrack that will capture some moments of nostalgia, for example with special songs from Radiohead or Kings of Leon among others. Rock and folk lovers will therefore be in paradise.

Finally, the hunters of success will not really be challenged, as with a collectibles guide, the achievements are honestly very affordable and not at all complicated. So do not bother with them because you can unlock everything quickly with some videos.


This Life is Strange: True Colors it shines through the emotions it seeks to diffuse. With its charming characters and storyline that holds the road, the title manages to keep us in suspense despite its short lengths. Without a revolution in the genre of narrative games, this work is appreciated for its colorful and poetic artistic direction, as well as for the OST that will continue to be the trademark of the license. For my part, I liked the experience and highly recommend it to license fans Life is strangeFor others, you might expect a price drop to appreciate it at its fair value.

Accessibility criteria

Vision problem Hearing problem
High contrast (network targeting) Subtitles with environmental indications
Font color size Identification of the person speaking
Marking of enemies Customizable font
Customizable interface Customizable font color
Customizable mini card color Alternative alert options (vibration, flash, etc.)
Choice of color blindness Ambient sounds are signaled (informs presence)
Select Text to Speech
Slowing down the game

Test conditions

TV details The game is provided by the publisher Yes
Console Xbox Series X Time dedicated to the game 12 HOURS
Difficulty level N / A Game over Yes
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