In the morning – before Wydad, Mounir Jaâouani, RSB coach was in trance


The RSB coach gave confidence to the "morning" after the tropical semi-finals against Fiji Wydad and was proud to have this qualification in Berkane and the club's leaders.

The Berkane Sport Renaissance coach presented the show in Fez on Friday. Full during the meeting and all the time on the lawn, gesticulating Mounir Jaâouani trance was so that the fourth judge, Samir El Guezzaz, followed the shadow of a long 120 minutes.
"This is my first experience as a first-time coach in a professional team, and it's a very difficult task, which explains the images that appear after the match in my game and that I take into account my actions, I feel I'm not, I'm like , and will stay forever, "he said at a press conference.
It was hard to blame the Moroccan technician, it was so important to bet the match. "We were in front of Wydad, everyone respected the Moroccan giants, we checked our opponent very well, showing their last two matches against ESS and MCO. We have weak points, and we have particularly understood that the two corridors, Ounai and El Haddad, Badr Gaddarin is also worthy of limiting the danger, although we are surprised to see Nahiri start the match, so I decided to block the mission to Alain Traore, even if that would be a risk. "We made a great deal of wind, and the rain in Essaidia, but the players showed a lot of determination. At the first session I realized they were ready and when I saw their performance, I told myself that there is still an amateur at the intellectual level of a professional Moroccan player. Against Tetouan Moghreb, gives the impression that not the same but the players are back, and that's the point. "Jaâouani explained.
The Oriental referee then moved to a more sentimental regiment and expressed his pride after the game, especially when faced with an experienced trainer: "It is a great pride to be able to overcome this finals." Victory is given to supporters, the leader of the club and its chairman, Faouzi Lakjaâ. I'm also happy to see René Girard's caliber coach … The Botola D1 has won a lot in the presence of the drivers. "


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