Wednesday , April 14 2021

Harry Potter: Did you find this mysterious scene after being credited by The Chamber of Secrets?

If you know the Harry Potter movies by heart, we are almost certain that this scene after the credit from The Chamber of Secrets escaped you.

The epic Harry Potter he has not finished revealing all the secrets to you! While it took a few years to find out what Voldemort’s occupation was before he became the Dark Lord, we’m sure you have not seen this scene after being credited byHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. And yet, it revealed to us valuable clues as to what happened next! It was a TikTokeuse named Holly Auna who made this discovery when the movie was streaming again. As Potterhead, she felt compelled to share her recent finding with her fans on Tik Tok. What it reveals this mysterious (and well hidden) scene after the credits of The Chamber of Secrets ;

It allows us to find out very soon a poster of Professor Lockhart in a tight jacket with commentary “Who am I?” (Who am I? In French) written over his head. If you remember correctly, you certainly remember the moment when the spell he wanted to cast on Ron and Harry turned against him. In the following books and movies, we then learn that Professor Lockhart was the victim of a total memory loss, hence his admission to Ste Mongouste Hospital, a renowned institution for the treatment of magical wounds. A new clue to the plot that we would not have missed if this scene after the credit had not gone unnoticed! As for this moving sceneHarry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, did you know that it almost turned into a drama?

Credit: Holly Auna at TikTok

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