Sunday , January 24 2021

EU financial assistance to Afghanistan

The EU reaffirms its support for Afghanistan. On the occasion of the donors’ conference, which actually took place in Geneva, the European institutions committed more than 1 billion euros to Kabul for emergency aid and long-term development.

However, all participants acknowledged that peace efforts had been undermined by continuing violence in the country. The number of civilians is not declining until peace talks begin. Nearly 6,000 people have fallen victim to the conflict this year, 31% of them children and 13% women. “The international community has the right, the duty and the responsibility to hold the Taliban accountable to the whole world and to achieve a truce, not tomorrow but today.insists EU Special Envoy for Afghanistan Roland Kombia.

Afghans are the second community to apply for asylum in the European Union. But for Roland Kombia, this situation does not only explain the consequences of 27. “There is also drug trafficking. Afghanistan is the largest producer of heroin in the world. There is a set of issues such as extremism, violent extremism, radical ideology, which can cross the Afghan border and reach our countries.“, defines the European Special Envoy.

US and foreign troops have been present in Afghanistan for almost 20 years. The withdrawal of these troops is part of the agreement reached between Washington and the Taliban. But for many diplomats and experts, this withdrawal risks destabilizing the fragile peace process. “Donald Trump leaves a poisoned gift for President-elect Joe Biden. Joe Biden is very likely to step down and confirm the current level of US forces until he improves on the ground“, Judge Fabrice Pothier, Strategic Director of Rasmussen Global.

According to the expert, the European Union can only be limited to providing financial support. The 27 have little leverage to intervene in the peace process and the choices that will be made regarding Afghanistan.

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