Sunday , January 24 2021

Covid vaccine: will we be ready?

Do not place the stroller in front of the horse while preparing the team. This is the fine thread that the government needs to move on. On the one hand, the huge hope that the arrival of an antidote to the virus will be represented, is reinforced by the creepy announcements of the Americans Pfizer and Moderna, each of whom states that their vaccine is 95% effective. On the other hand, a mountain of questions, mainly medical but also logistical and financial, that remain to be climbed before taking the dose, or most likely the doses.

France has already budgeted 1.5 billion euros for 2021 to buy a first round of vaccines and organize their distribution in France and abroad. When, how, for whom? “We work a lot in all scenarios. However, by making a roadmap, even before we have all the basic information about the candidates for vaccines … the French will accuse us and they would be right “, they tell us in the environment of the Minister of Health.

However, in the absence of tomorrow, we may have to be ready the day after tomorrow. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) does not rule out issuing a first marketing authorization (AMM) by the end of the year. It is much faster than usual, where the procedures take months. “Faced with a public health emergency, a continuous data evaluation has been created, usually done when the manufacturer has submitted the complete file,” the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) tells us. in France. Once the European ratification is completed, a national procedure will take place, a kind of “double check” before you can release the batches and proceed with the first injections. Horizon: first quarter 2021.

Conveyors in the original blocks

“Finally, all this is if there is no wolf anywhere because let us not forget that the results of vaccines are only preliminary! Reminds Professor of Pharmacy Bernard Bégaud wisely At present, as part of this “Europe of vaccines” born of Covid, Old Continent has already pre-ordered several hundred million antidotes from five laboratories, of which about 90 million would go to France.

Conveyors are also located in the original blocks. At Geodis, the French leader, a “special Covid vaccine team” was set up three months ago. “Delivering them is a big challenge that we are preparing to meet,” the team assures us, which works in transport, storage, distribution and internally trains its teams in the specifics of the pharmaceutical sector. This Thursday, Air France-KLM also said it was ready to ensure the vaccines were transported by air when they were available on the market.

The complexity of some candidates does not make the job as easy as the Pfizer model which must be drastically maintained at -70 degrees. The order for 50 supercoolers from France is being completed, but this already raises the question of who will be able to secure vaccination with such restrictions.

The doctors want to be there

We are going to create vaccines, huge special centers like in Germany. At present the government has not decided. “What is certain is that GPs cannot be excluded, as was the case with the administration in 2009 for the H1N1 vaccine,” warns Jean-Paul Hamon, president of the French Medical Association. At that time, we thought it was too foolish to do this, the result, the campaign was a disaster that we still pay the price. And the doctor to insist on the bond of trust between the patient and his doctor. “We know them, we can call them back, we can reassure them. In a practice like mine, with two nurses, we can vaccinate about 400 priority patients in eight days. “

Because in order to lead the campaign of the century, it will first be necessary to remove the well-tied reluctance of the population. “Public authorities can not afford the arrival of the vaccine, at the risk of surprise. “We have to prepare the minds of the people, as Germany has been doing for months,” said Antoine Bristielle, a professor of social sciences at Science-Po Grenoble. “There will be strong communication campaigns and a very targeted audience targeted by the vaccine, we are told at the Ministry of Health. But right now, the best publicity we can give the vaccine is to say that nothing will be decided until we are. 100% sure it is effective and safe. “

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