Thursday , August 5 2021

Benabdellah, Benkirane, Moulay Hicham … the defense of the victims does not appreciate the support of Bouachrine

At a press conference, the lawyers of the victims at the trial of Tauphik Bouahrinne examined on Wednesday in Casablanca that the trial was fair.

The Criminal Tribunal of the Casablanca Court of Appeal sentenced on Friday Taufik Bouahrin to 12 years in prison, fined 200,000 billion and compensation for some victims. The journalist was accused, among other things, of trafficking in human beings, abuse of power for sexual exploitation and sexual harassment, acts committed against eight victims and filming.

At a press conference aimed at "enlightening public opinion", the lawyers of the victims assured that the trial took the necessary time to prolong for almost 9 months, with 80 hearings lasting from 8 to 12 hours each. "The court, meanwhile, has remained in equal parts of the case, which has won public opinion and the media for many months," they said.

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Victims' lawyers have announced that they have decided to appeal "to defend sexually exploited women and to end their attacks on them, because some have, from the outset, tried politically in this case." They noted that material compensation "is far from restoring social and psychological harm that will hide them all their lives," promising "surprises" for the appeal process.

Responses to Bouachrine's support

Following the verdict, many politicians and civil society have announced their surprise and indignation. Some have denounced "a civil trial showing that justice reform is still at zero." The defense of the victims criticized the interventions of Bouachrine supporters who, according to her, tried to influence the judiciary and politicize the process. One of the lawyers described as "deporting and retiring" the people who supported him, referring to Nabil Benabdellah and Moulay Ismail El Alaoui of PPS, and M'Hamed El Khalifa of Istiqlal.

For her part, lawyer Fatima Zohra Chaoui has ruled that the publication on Twitter of Moulay Hicham on the subject is a serious violation and intervention in the judiciary. He assured at the press conference that the prince is still trying to take advantage of any event that could hurt the kingdom.

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