Tuesday , March 2 2021

ASAM-MCA, NAHD-MCO and JSS-OM for the program

The 15th day of the Mobilis Championship-1 Championship continues today, with three meetings. Thus, AS Ain McIntyre takes Batnie's stadium on Nov. 1, MC Alger in a match that looks quite interesting. Milleis, who regain the morale after their valuable victory last week at home, do not want to stop there and especially to improve their ranking. However, it will certainly not be a pleasure game against Mouloudéens willing to return to the beast to return to the forefront. Indeed, Mouloudia did not really meet the expectations of his audience, leaving USMA to get wide and difficult to cover because of the great difference between points between the two teams. Discussions are tight and no one is willing to give. The MCA, which took place in Setif for two days after delivering his fight to the MOB to prepare for the game, moved yesterday to Batna with the determined intention to fight with ASAM he wants to have on his hunt. That being said, he knows very well that Salim Menad's birds will not listen to him this way. A great prosperity is expected in Batna to attend this meeting. Another interesting match will take place this afternoon, Nasr Hussein-Dey MC Oran on the 20th of August 1955. Given the forces involved, we expect a football game that will not lose a spice. NAHD, like Mouloudia d 'Oran, wants to improve his position in the ranking to stay in the first place, try to make a sense of this season and why not win at least one qualifying spot in an african joust next season. Certainly, in their field and in front of their audience, Sang et Or leaves with favorable predictions. However, the Hamraouas also have significant assets that allow them to believe in their opportunities to secure a convincing result in Algiers. The
The third race in the current program will take place in Bechar. JS Saoura, easily ranked right now with a decent one
The third place will be in the heart to bend a formation of O Médéa, who has fought since the beginning of the season to actually start. Still, Olympiacos remains a bitter rival, who is very serious about him, as he often manages to negotiate his movements wisely, although his mission is very difficult in front of eleven Béchari, the teams rarely go unsteady.
Mohamed-Amine Azzouz

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