Saturday , October 16 2021

Video: The trailer goes flat and hits the gas station

Chihuahua – When trying to avoid a vehicle, the driver of a trailer fell into a gas station and was overthrown this morning at Periferico Lombardo Toledano in Chihuahua.

The accident occurred at a petrol station near the junction with the Cereso junction around 5:30 am, where the driver of the Fud businessman with the 7NN3310 sign apparently avoided knocking a car.

During the maneuver, the driver lost control and entered the above-mentioned facilities, where he overturned after two gas pumps fell.

The crew of the truck was innocuous and demanded the presence of the authorities.

According to local officials, the gas station was closed to change the image, so there was no fuel flow.

Police Road and US Department Staff undertook the preparation of the exhibition and the placement of the events.

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