Friday , January 15 2021

VIDEO: California fires burn in the mansion of a famous Hollywood actor

The Scottish actress Gerard Butler has been one of the many entertainment personalities who have suffered forest fires in the US, which led to the evacuation of more than 300,000 people in California.

The protagonist of "300" was one of those displaced by the fire in the south of that state, and when he returned home he learned that nothing was left intact

"I came back to my home in Malibu after the evacuation, it's shocking times all over California," Butler said on Twitter, asking for support for firefighters who tried to mitigate the disaster.

Like the actress, the singer Robin Thicke He found his home reduced to ash. His girlfriend, April Love Geary, shares the pictures of the house they share.

The director of "Exorcism by Emily Rose" and "Doctor Strange" Scott Derrickson, he also lost his home in the flames.

The most violent of the hot spots of the disaster is in the northern part of California.

The fires in this area have claimed the lives of more than thirty people, which makes them the most deadly of the history of the state.

US President Donald Trump expressed a controversial opinion on Twitter about the causes of these massive incidents, which were immediately dismissed "irresponsible, reckless and offensive" by the International Union of Firefighters.

The qualities of other celebrities run the risk of being almost in 6,800 buildings which have been consumed by these forest fires.

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