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This is not always the case! Verónica Castro will not be in season 2 of "La Casa de las Flores"

20 November 2018

Although the actor said her participation in the new installment of the Netflix series was a fact, she is now committed to confirming that this will not happen.

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Veronica Castro, who plays Virginia de la Mora, explained the circumstances that led her to this decision and did not change her friendship relationship with Manolo Caro's production director. He himself confessed that at the beginning a proposal was made, but that does not convince him at all.

"I did not want it, but it was, only the first part was agreed … and then call me to make some chapters and show up in the clear voice, so I said no, it's all or nothing!", He commented in an interview in the "Ventaneando" program.

In addition, he assured that the talks with Netflix were on good terms. He said the possibility of returning to work with Caro at some other time is also latent.

"I said, surely Manolo that I love so much and loves me will write something to me later, and when I talked to the Netflix people, right, they said yes, they were interested in doing something for me and then we stay there …" he said.

He reiterated that there is no return because he prefers Manolo to feel quieter amidst the constant changes that have emerged at this stage of production. "It's a definite no, because it ended up.

"I understand perfectly Manolo, that she is ashamed, first of all, then no, now that only the first chapters and then the clear voice, then I do not like to push people or be pressured by anyone else, I want you to work freely and calmly. .. "he said.

It is worth mentioning that Verónica will focus on other projects, such as her upcoming participation in Mañanitas on Virgin Mary, Azteca television, after several years of not seeing her on this aspect, for which she is very excited.

Recently, he was invited to participate in the theater, but refused to participate in the event, because this period prefers to remain calm.

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