Tuesday , May 11 2021

The student bets his grade on Call of Duty and the teacher humiliates him

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We have all taken extreme measures to save the semester: either to do extra work, not to sleep due to studies, to cancel important plans for homework or in the case of this student, by challenging your teacher to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War PiTo improve your rating.

Via Tik Tok, a user calling himself profejuanji, and that he is actually a teacher named Juan José Holguín, received a message from one of his students challenging him in a 1v1 game Call of Duty. In case of loss, the teacher must approve the student, but if he wins, he will fail. Below you can see the result of the match:

@profejuanjiMoraleja: Do not challenge the original sound #profesor #pvp #callofdutywarzone #viral #alumnos #comediahumor #fyp # parati ♬ – Juan Jo Holguín

The teacher was undefeated against his student, who lost five games in a row. At the end TikTok, profejuanji confirms that this student will fail.

Ethics of the story: never underestimate your teacher’s skills Call of Duty.


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