Red Dead Redemption 2:10 you must see missions


Write a review on this Red Dead Redemption 2 At the moment he runs the risk of playing common issues and repeating his achievements, achievements and virtues, the game is a jewel and is intended to be the best game of 2018.

The graphics, the music and the system that governs the world in which everything happens are technical achievements that let you breathe, but the real soul of the game is the dialogues. All the characters you interact with have something to tell you, no matter if you are a stranger on the road, the shopkeeper in the next town or your partner adventures.

Under the skin of the protagonist you can live with everything and decide what kind of morality will govern your soul, you can help people or exploit them, become a hero or a villain with the respective advantages and disadvantages of each situation.

The game contains a solid line of story and tries to present each of the characters in the best way, it may take a bit, but just because of that time spent to start worrying about them. There are incredible characters that you would like to go out to fulfill missions and others for whom you will feel dislike almost immediately.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is what you expect: an open world at the end of the 19th century in a fantastic area of ​​the United States with various activities full of drama, action and anxiety, while others contain mystery, comedy or sadness. the variety of missions is incredible and when you expect it less, the game offers you something you do not expect and leave you with a great taste in your mouth.

At TierraGamer we have selected the 10 missions we liked most, leaving out some that include powerful spoilers.

Grants of money and other sins

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All missions have to do with Leopold Strauss is to collect loans because the various stories of these characters have a great narrative interest as borrowers will invent what they are not going to pay so you should be able to collect the debt, sometimes to fool them and sometimes help them Get the money These missions require you to decide which side you will bend in your bar of honor.

We loved one and the truth

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These missions include Mary, his old love Arthur who will ask you for help repeatedly, here you can learn a bit more about the protagonist and you will realize the stormy past that always drives him away, these activities are optional because you can accept or refuse to help, they have a big emotional load that defines the future of character.

The joys of culture

After spending hours in the open field and in a wild area, you get there Saint Denis, a metropolis full of factories and houses in style New Orleans, this first mission in the city seeks to make you feel undamaged at all times and to do it very well. I assure you that after you spend this part of the story you will want to go to the stores to buy new clothes and make a new haircut.

A nice night of idleness

A stealing with a card game will always be welcome in every story, definitely one of the most exciting missions in the game.

Banks, the old American art

One of the most dramatic missions of all Red Dead Redemption 2, prepare to escape and accept that everything does not always go as planned.

Ms. Sadie Adler, widow

Sadie is one of the best characters in the game, after you rescue it in the first missions does not stop evolving, in this chapter will ask you a grace that you can hardly deny.

Advertising, the New American Art

Hosea is another great character, here he will help him make a bold "publicity" plan that obviously will not end well enough.

A Quiet Time

A simple visit to Saloon de Valentine becomes an adventurous adventure in Lenny, one of the funniest missions in the game.

A glamorous bouncing boy

Here you will meet an eccentric inventor with the name Marko Dragic who will ask you to help with their inventions, these missions are bizarre because they take you out of the "Old West" frame and place you closer to science fiction.

He is a British, of course

Although this mission is optional, we strongly recommend here that you have to help a circus to recover many of his animals that have escaped him, laughter and surprises are assured.

Of course there are other missions that have much more weight in history, but we've put them aside to avoid spoilers, some of these activities are optional, but you definitely have to give them a chance if you want to add a new narrative dimension to game. Deserve it.


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