Tuesday , October 19 2021

Medicine Diabetes proves effective against heart failure R RTV News


THE heart It is a tireless and vital pump, which beats about 80 times a minute with two main movements: relaxation, taking blood from the body and pumping, to bring new, oxygenated blood to all cells.

THE syncope is the definitive cure for almost all heart problems. The suffering of the organ causes the person to exhaust his energy, to have breath for daily activities, with swelling in the legs, feeling of pulses, etc. Unfortunately, this is not an unusual situation in our country.

The good news has just been published in prestige The New England Journal of Medicine, refers to the type of failure in which the heart reduces its ability to relax to receive blood from the body, the so-called heart failure with retained ejection fractionIt accounts for about 50% of all cases of this disease and is common in people with HeyDiabetesThe

This type of heart failure is extremely fatal in the short term, with about 30% of deaths in the first year, a higher death rate than many cancers. And so far, no drug has shown significant improvement in people who have had it.

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Fortunately, data from the Emperor-Preserved study are becoming a milestone in the treatment of heart failure, highlighting only medicine able to reduce the risk of death and new treatments for heart failure with sustained ejection fraction.

And who would have thought … this drug was originally developed to treat diabetes. And empagliflozin, is usually prescribed for patients with type 2 diabetes.

But how does this drug improve severe heart failure? The crucial point is that this drug forces the body to excrete excess glucose and sodium in the urine. This is useful for glycemic control as well as for pressure and weight controlThe

It is such a revolutionary mechanism of action that it has also shown benefits in patients with chronic renal failure. And there is one detail: these benefits extend to people with kidney or heart failure with and without diabetesThe

It is no coincidence that the FDA, the regulator of drugs in the United States, has hastened approval for this new drug application.

I sincerely love these pieces that he Sciences He preaches to us: we start with the treatment of diabetes and end up improving the function of the kidneys and the heart, even in people without problems with blood sugar levels. And now I wonder: what will be the next exciting discovery? Hopefully, always taking care of your health.

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