Marina secures 800 kilos of cocaine off the coast of Acapulco


ACAPULCO.- The Navy-Navy Secretariat of Mexico (Semar) reported on Monday that it secured a smaller ship it is carrying 800 kg of cocaine, about 80 nautical miles (148 km) north-east of Acapulco, Warrior

According to the organization, the assurance took place on Saturday night when a ship with suspicious cargo was found and his crew, marking the presence of the military, went to the mainland at the height of the town of El Calvario in the municipality of Petatlán, where they managed to leave.

In view of this, the staff assigned to the eighth naval area based in Acapulco, managed to secure the Reforme├▒a boat with two high-powered outboard, carrying 19 packages and a package with cocaine, as well as 42 fuel drums of 50 liters each, 19 of which were full, 22 half empty and one empty.

It was reported that both the illegal cargo and the fuel and the vessel were made available to the authorities to determine the ministerial weight, to perform the indicated tests and to integrate the corresponding investigation file.


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