Lainez recognizes that they want it in Europe


The Jewel Lainez, as considered Diego, its current element America, has responded to the opportunities it has given Miguel Herrera in the field of the game, for what the member of the team assures Europe They have already approached their dealers to inquire about their services.

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Melquiades Sánchez dies, the voice of Azteca

"It always makes me proud that people are talking about me, but now I'm concentrating on Mexican teamI know there are many suggestions Europe, but in due course we will have to make the best decision ", were the first statements of the player Fox Sports.

Lainez Leyva already had the chance to try honey to be part of the largest Aztec group, although it is currently being grouped sub-20, in order to continue to polish his work.

"Everyone here is ourselves and we work for the same goal, I have something of it, the team is united and I like to be here, I do not feel responsible, because every time I go to the field I like to have fun," he said.



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