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Heineken responds to the model that respects intellectual property standards

– 19:09 – 11/8/2018

  • Heineken Mexico noted that the act has been suspended

  • Amstel Ultra has all licenses and registrations in accordance with applicable regulations

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Following the recent acquisition of Amtel Ultra by the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), as part of Grupo Modelo's claim for unfair competition, Heineken Mexico reported that the transaction was suspended and the company is operating properly because it complies with the rules intellectual property.

In a statement, the Dutch brewery reported that the Amstel Ultra trademark has all licenses and registrations in accordance with applicable regulations, including intellectual property laws.

"Heineken Mexico reaffirms its compliance with the regulations and will respond promptly to the information required by the channels indicated by the respective authority confirming our commitment to offer our customers the highest quality products," the report said.

The previous day, Grupo Modelo informed that IMPI staff seized the Heineken Amstel Ultra Beer, worth about 125,000 pesos in several municipalities in Nuevo León, as part of the demand he had with the Dutch company for unfair competition.

Grupo Modelo accuses Heineken of exporting the Amstel Ultra beer to a similar commercial image to a degree of confusion with Michelob Ultra.

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