Saturday , September 25 2021

Facebook starts deleting messages sent to Messenger –

Facebook Messenger

Last week, we commented that it seemed very close to being able to use the expected messaging functionality in Messenger, the Facebook messaging platform. Some days later, Facebook has begun to allow the deletion of messages sent to Messenger, although this possibility is still not available globally.

If you do not know the start of this new feature, it is a feature that will allow us to eliminate those messages that we have sent in error, if they are no more than 10 minutes from the shipment. The feature will work with all types of messages, even those containing an image. Of course, such as platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook will indicate to the recipient that we have deleted the message.

As they say from TC, the function we are talking about is currently available in Bolivia, Colombia, Lithuania and Poland, although the social network has confirmed that it will be available in other regions as soon as possible. In addition, Facebook will be planning to launch new relevant features such as Set expiration dates for sent messages to disappear after a certain time.

Without a doubt, this is an interesting move from Facebook. Looking back, it is strange to believe that the social network has promised the release of the feature as I knew it Facebook had deleted a few private messages sent by Mark Zuckerberg, which caused users' dissatisfaction when faced with a function that was not available for the rest.


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