Thursday , February 25 2021

Deadpool will have a kid version, will watch the trailer

MEXICO CITY.- Announced more than a month ago, the new film about Deadpool caused some confusion in the community. And this is Once in a Deadpool, as it will be officially called, not a sequel, rehearsal, extended version or version of the director. This is rarely seen in the film industry: a soft version of it Deadpool 2 to adapt it to the PG-13 age rating (recommended for over 13 years).

And there are a few recent movies stranger to it, being close to a movie for all audiences, which Deadpool 2. In any case, as Ryan Reynolds himself said, he ended up giving good judgment to this edition due to his limited edition in theaters and especially his charity, because 1 dollar will be given to the fight for cancer for each ticket sold.

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In the trailer we can see some of the new fragments, such as what introduces us to the powerful mercenary in dialogue with an elderly couple or the core of the video, the conversation with Fred Savage, an actress who was triumphant when he was a child and that we could see movies as virtual as The Princess Promised, a clear reference for his scenes Once in a Deadpool. It is the ultimate joke of the trailer, in the line of characteristic humor of character and his films.

"- I prefer Marvel movies.
– We're Marvel.
– Well, yes … but, you know, Marvel is licensed by FOX. It's like the Beatles have been produced by Nickelback. It's music, but it's awful. "

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