Saturday , June 19 2021

Closes Ford's distributor to Chilpancingo due to insecurity

It was first Pepsi, then Coca Cola, companies that have decided to close their distribution centers or stop their activities in Guerrero before harassment of criminal groups who now angered them Ford He made a similar decision.

It was mentioned that the body Ford of Chilpancingo Closes its offices in the face of insecurity.

Offices were located on the north side of the north on the Vicente Guerrero Avenue, in front of the Sun Highway.

"We know that their concessionaires charged 20,000 pesos a month, but then the crime increased their quota and chose to close and leave Chilpancingo," said Pioquinto Damián Huato, local Canaco leader.

Reform He traveled to the place and found that the building was already dismantled.

Also, the Canaco leader informed that Volvo closed its doors, although it did not specify if it was about insecurity.

On May 29, Coca Cola closed its operation center at Tierra Caliente before the siege of the criminals who wanted to charge "floor." Subsequently, Pepsi He suspended his activities in Ciudad Altamirano.

More than the case: First, Coca Cola closes for criminals, now kills 9 soft drinkers

It regrets that Coca-Cola lacks the rule of law and closes the premises

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