Saturday , July 24 2021

Claudia Sheinbaum asks to investigate the alleged bribery among most

Deputy Miguel Ángel Macedo offered half a million pesos to partner Marisela Zúñiga to vote for José Luis Rodríguez in the election of Morena's new coordinator.

After alleged bribery to a deputy from her colleagues to select Morena's new coordinator at the CDMX conference, it came to public light, the next head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, asked your Honor and Justice Committee your party investigates the case.

"It is up to the party, the Committee of Honesty and Justice to learn what happened," Sheinbaum said.

According to Morenoites, deputy Miguel Ángel Macedo offered half a million pesos to colleague Marisela Zuñiga to vote for José Luis Rodríguez during the meeting where the new coffee coordinator will be elected.

We should remember that Ernestina Godoy was supposed to let Congress join Claudia Sheinbaum. Yesterday afternoon he informed himself that he would not do so until he left things in the classroom to the parliamentary group.

In the middle of this section, Morena's deputies: José Luis Rodríguez, Ricardo Ruiz and Eduardo Santillán, left their choices open to becoming the next co-ordinator of the majority of the evil at the local congress.

The previous Saturday began the crisis in the parliamentary group, when at a private meeting Morenoish's lawmakers voted to nominate a new team leader because Godoy will leave his seat.

In these elections, José Luis Rodríguez was imposed on Ricardo Ruiz by 16 votes to 15, but his followers ignored this electoral process, arguing that they did not comply with the internal rules of the parliamentary group and were conducted without the presence of the National Election Commission to confirm it.

Without a formal Rodriguez ratification process, lawmakers related to this lawmaker said he was the new leader of the Morenoites and refused to make further elections.

In the middle of this scenario, it was argued that Morena's local deputy, Marisela Zúñiga, condemned his teammate, Miguel Ángel Macedo, to the Committee of Honesty and Justice for a alleged bribe attempt.

According to the information, Zuñiga accused Macedo of offering him half a million pesos to vote in the Saturday's vote in favor of José Luis Rodríguez, the latter near Senator Ricardo Monreal.


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