Sunday , January 17 2021

AIDS gets the life of 14; 80 patients El Mañana de Nuevo Laredo

So far this year, 80 people have been confirmed as having been infected with the AIDS virus and 14 deaths have been recorded.

During a rapid examination that was applied to 800 students, two university students were suspected of the virus and tested more actively to find out whether or not they are HIV carriers.

In addition, two women aged 20 to 30 years were revealed to have HIV at the birth of their babies so that their children undergo prophylactic treatment.

Francisco Ortiz Brizuela, director of the Vaccine Center for the Care of AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (Capasits), explained that the reagents were applied to the students of Nursing and Commerce Schools.

In case of a positive participation, they will be admitted to the program so that they can start a treatment and the necessary care to have a better quality of life.

"The two women who were diagnosed with the disease at the Ministry of Health hospitals to give birth to their children did not know they were the carriers of this disease so that they and their babies are already being treated," he said at that time. who clarified that they are not students of any school.

He notes that nine pregnant women with this disease were pregnant during the year and one of them will be born the following year.

The HIV and AIDS expert urges pregnant women to have good prenatal control and to be timely detected with this condition and to start a timely treatment to reduce their viral loads and the risk of transmission of the baby.

He stressed that in the last two years that these rapid tests have been delivered to the health units, there has been a greater response from the population to be asked for and this year at least three sections reported the Capasits to three people for more specialized studies. The remaining cases are detected in this center.

He said the reagents are extremely sensitive and in the majority of cases when referring to Capasit for their confirmatory tests, they usually leave positive.

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