Sunday , February 28 2021

Times of Fiji "Malaysia reopens the underwater explorer, asks former Prime Minister Najib

The Malaysian anti-transplantation authorities re-launched investigations into a controversial 16-year underwater deal involving former Prime Minister Najib Razak, the latest corruption researcher facing militant Najib.

Since losing the May elections, Najib has been charged with multiple criminal offenses and has been subjected to corruption investigations, some of which are linked to a multi-billion dollar scandal in the 1Malaysia Development Berhad State Fund (1MDB).

Najib has begged not to be guilty of all charges.

Malcolm Anti-Corruption Investigators (MACC) are also investigating whether there have been any shocks in the sale of two submarines of the Scorpio-style in Malaysia by DCN International, the French shipbuilder DCN International (2002), when Najib was Defense Minister, according to the local newspaper The Star invoking MACC sources.

A source reported by The Star said that Nazibi was called upon to make a statement on the submarine agreement Monday and that investigators would receive statements from others, including Nagib's former assistant, Abdul Rajak Baghdad, who is being investigated by French prosecutors for the agreement .

The DCNI later became a new entity called DCNS, which in turn was reinstated as a Maritime Group last year. The French defense company Thales owns about a third of the naval team.

The French authorities began investigating the agreement after the complaint that the sale by the Malaysian Suaram human rights group had resulted in a $ 130 million commission being paid to a company affiliated with Najib.

Last August, French prosecutors said they had placed two former executives in Thales and DCNS under preliminary investigation as part of an investigation into the sale of submarines in 2002.

A spokesman from Thales refused to comment on that time.

A Navy Group spokesman also refused to comment, but added: "We respect all relevant national and international legislation thoroughly."

Previous investigations by the Malaysian authorities have found nothing to link Najib with corruption in the deal.

Najib's assistants did not respond immediately to requests for comments. Niebim and his supporters deny all sorts of irregularities in the submarine agreement.

The 1MDB scandal was one of the main reasons for the election victory of Nazibi. The fund is being investigated for corruption and money laundering in at least six countries.

According to the US authorities, 4.5 billion were collected by 1MDB and approximately $ 700 million were transferred to Najib's personal bank accounts. It has denied any violation.

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