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The Xbox Pass Pass is available for $ 1, but there is a catch

Microsoft is trying to get as many people as possible to subscribe to the Netflix game service, the Xbox Game Pass. On Xbox One, this service offers over 100 Xbox titles for a flat flight. Computer users can also take advantage of this as many Xbox Play Anywhere titles are included in the Game Pass series as Forza Horizon 4 and Zoo Tycoon. The usual fee for a membership is usually $ 9.99 a month, but there is currently an agreement that lasts until the end of the year and has reduced the subscription price to only $ 1 a month.

Now, that sounds quite exciting – but there's a hit.

This offer is available only in brand new subscribers. When I say brand new, I mean your Microsoft Account should have no previous interaction with the Xbox Game Pass absolutely. Even if you have only used the 14-day free trial, you will miss this offer. only the regular $ 9.99 will appear. If you have an intact account, do not choose the 14-day free trial. The moment you do, you will not have access to the $ 1 sign-in option. Just pay $ 1 in advance.

Here's a screenshot of the difference between an untraceable account and one that has already interacted with the service:

Compare Game Xbox Game Discounts

Sneaky Move, Microsoft

As you can see from the time and date displayed on the taskbar at the bottom right of each photo, these downloads were taken a few minutes. You can even go ahead and try it yourself. Go to the Xbox Game Pass Destination page. If you have used the Xbox Game Pass in the past and are already logged into your Microsoft account, your result will be as shown on the left. Disconnect and change "magically" to the one on the right. But if you then try to click the "Join" button when you log off, you will be prompted to log in to your account, which will then skip the deduction.

Nowhere on the page does it specify that this agreement is limited to members for the first time. That's pretty secret, Microsoft.

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