Thursday , November 26 2020

The court records the decision to consent to a complaint filed by Neelofa against Rotikaya

KUALA LUMPUR: The Supreme Court has today registered a decision to consent to a protest filed by the popular television show and actress Niellofa against the news portal operator Rotikaya since both parties agreed to settle the issue amicably through the mediation process.

Neelofa, 29 whose real name is Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor, filed a lawsuit against Rotikaya Media Sdn Bhd on the articles on the launch of the Be Lofa turban collection and the Zouk shawl and the Women's Icon Prize which she was awarded.

Lawyer Amira Farhana Mohd Yasir, who represents Neelofa when he met with reporters, said that judge Judge Datuk Aliza Sulaiman today registered a decision to consent to chambers.

Also, the current lawyer Mohamad Ariff Syukri Abd Rahman, who represents Rotikaya.

However, the terms of the settlement were not revealed in the media.

Neelofa filed the pipeline last April, arguing that the articles published by the Rotikaya on the website which was defamatory statements against her.

She claimed that the articles, indirectly or reprimandously, accused her of having been rejected by the Malaysian government and given the impression that she was not a moral and hypocritical person.

The actor also claimed that the content of the articles was not true and was published by the defendants without giving her the opportunity to refuse the statements. – Bernhama

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