Saturday , February 27 2021

Censorship of Chinese Hearts 3's Winnie the Pooh is so absurd and hilarious

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a game that many of us are looking forward to for over a decade. Chinese fans can lose with the censorship of at least one of the worlds of the game: The One Hundred Acre Woods.

A Chinese website that shares images of the upcoming game revealed the intriguing form of censorship of the game. The iconic Winnie the Pooh is covered with a giant white light.

The reason for censorship is, frankly, hilarious. Earlier this year, Chinese president Xi Jinping banned Winnie the Pooh and the film released at the time, Christopher Robin. Why did he do that? Because the Chinese people will constantly compare it to Disney's famous character.

It's a very funny situation and Square Enix's safe reaction to censorship of character can be even more funny.

King Hearts 3 is released on January 29, 2019.

Source: A9VG (via Resetera)

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