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Aditya Ghosh was appointed Managing Director of New South Asia and India by OYO

Former Executive Director of IndiGo Aditya Ghosh joins OYO Group as CEO of India and South Asia. Here's all you need to know!

15, 2018

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A few days ago this name was not yet known to you. Today, Aditya Ghosh is all the news to be appointed as CEO of OYO for South Asia and India. Ghosh was formerly the president of IndiGo. Ghosh has enormous experience and will report to Ritesh Agarwal's founder and managing director. The Indian giant in a statement confirmed the big news. Since the news has shined, Twitter has been steadily rolling with #OYOpreneur driving the trend. The Twitter statement also reiterated OYO's mission to create beautiful spaces.

Relax the new beginning

Agarwal said: "As we grow our business, we feel it is necessary to continue to invest in building one of the most influential leadership groups and to bring professionals with a business mindset and from different backgrounds that can help drive the next wave of growth in Oyo Hotels ". This appointment comes after the Indian Unicorn attempting to further expand its base in India and China and to take other major countries of South Asia into the loop.

In addition, adding: "With Aditya taking over this mantle for one of our domestic markets, India and the wider South Asian region, we are confident that it will be able to help Oyo Hotels set new benchmarks in the hospitality industry and to cultivate a high performing workforce. "

Extension! Extension! Extension!

OYO is a Gurgaon-based building that was founded in 2011 by Agarwal. Today, it is one of the largest hospitality companies. At present, in more than 500 cities in seven countries, including Indonesia, the United Kingdom, China and India, OYO is a name. The giant of hospitality is one that can even give international competitors a good path for their money.

Ghosh is delighted to join and said in a statement: "I am excited to share OYO's mission to create quality living spaces and we work with Agarwal to shape the company's future in South Asia – a critical growth market for the company. "Its position will come into force on 1 December. The event with India's most profitable airlines was completed on July 1st.

A deep passionate shape

In an interview with CN Traveler, Ghosh expressed his enthusiasm for joining OYO and also spoke about the goals and aspirations he seeks to fulfill in his upcoming executive days: "Taking into account my deep interest in the history and the consumer's passion for delivering a consistently high quality product at affordable prices, I am really excited to take this exciting opportunity to offer high-quality accommodation at affordable prices in the best areas of the city me. "

Such changes show that the business ecosystem in India is becoming more and more exciting and dynamic day after day, month after month.

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