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Actor-artist Lucy Liu will present to Singapore a contemporary art exhibition presented by the Ryan Foundation

SINGAPORE, 20 November 2018 / PRNewswire / – The Ryan Foundation, a private nonprofit art organization launched by a lawyer and collector of art Ryan Su, is proud to begin Singapore artistic calendar in 2019 with Independent ObjectsSingapore first major art exhibition with award-winning prize Hollywood actor and artist Lucy Liu (USA) and recipient of the Jury Prize Shubigi Rao (Singapore). The exhibition is open to the public and will run from January 12th to December February 24, 2019 at the historic Stamford Gallery at its National Museum Singapore. Liu will also make her first trip Singapore to celebrate the opening. The Ryan Foundation acts as a vital and accessible key factor in local and regional art, with the task of promoting awareness of the arts Singapore and around the world.

Lucy Liu and Shubigi Rao: Independent Objects co-organized by the Ryan Foundation and the National Museum Singapore. Independent Objects presents works of art from two creative minds, Lucy Liu (b. 1968) from the United States and Shubigi Rao (b.1975) by Singapore, with impressive overlaps in perspective and object. Through the exploration of their respective practices, artists slowly evolved into "optic pentanas" as their discourse revealed similar issues. Liu and Rao share an interest in examining and analyzing cultures, stories, identities and relationships. Both are also attracted to the repositioning of objects found in their art, such as these objets trouvés to become narrators of their creations and ducts for their expressions. The artistic dialogue between these two relatives will be documented for the first time at the National Museum of Singapore, with the exhibition housed in Gallery Stamford, the oldest and historically rich site of the museum.

"It is important that the Ryan Foundation be a platform with an international perspective that encourages a variety of cultural exchanges around art Singapore the art of the scene is developing and it is timely to show two artists who happen to be strong women as they explore identity and development issues with such sincerity and power. We immediately connected Lucy and her art and she immediately knew how to share her strong work with everyone, "he said Ryan Su, founding director of the Ryan Foundation. "We are determined to highlight the profile of modern art in Singapore and Asia in collaboration with international artists to present public content content. "

Independent Objects underscores the honest parallels between two artists who have never met before, but have some interesting common elements in their artistic practices. Their works are presented in a careful discussion: the installation of Liu He was lost and found reflects Rao Destructing Athanasia: Building a better jellyfish, where artists invite viewers to look at objects that may seem ordinary at first glance but are peculiar in character when they are noticed until the end. Through their sensitive but intentional craftsmanship, Liu and Rao convert the usual into conceptual and save it into sleep.

Liu's artwork deals with issues of security, salvation, and long-term effects of personal relationships on our physical and emotional selves. Her exploration extends into multiple media, taking the forms of painting, sculpture, collage, silk screen printing, video and found items that are suitable for handmade reels. A basic work of art appearing on the Independent Objects is a facility titled He was lost and found, consisting of rejected items that Liu takes on her travels, hidden in about 200 handmade books. Guests are encouraged to pick up the books and open them and replace them anywhere in the facility. In this way, visitors become participants in a cycle of discovery, as lost objects give new meaning not only through Lucy's narration for her books but also through the constant re-ordering of her books.

"Many people know me as an actor, but visual art has always been an equally important part of my life. My work is personal in nature – inspired by my memories and experiences, changing the notions of security and salvation, and how the experiences ideas are manifested physically in the body It is exciting to be able to connect with new audiences through all the expressions of art and I am so excited to exhibit for the first time my works in Singapore that were presented in a conversation with Shubigi Rao, I would like to thank the Ryan Foundation and the National Museum of Singapore for their incredible efforts to make it possible, "he said. Lucy Liu, director, award-winning actor and director.

The Ryan Foundation is a Singapore non-profit organization of art that aims to raise awareness of the arts by developing ambitious projects and Singapore and around the world. The previous reports organized by the Ryan Foundation include Andy Warhol: Social Circus in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur (featuring the largest collection of Warhol's Polaroid photo ever exhibited Asia), Ryder Ripps & Divinity Schiavo in Venice and Singapore (a work of virtual reality art that challenged the boundaries of modern art) and Re: Asian Collection: Choices from Singapore's Private Collections.

Lucy Liu and Shubigi Rao: Independent Objects is its focus Singapore artistic calendar on January 2019, a month when the city would be abused by art exhibitions, exhibitions and galleries. This monumental exhibition creates an interesting interaction between the work of Liu and Rao, which represents modern issues of identity and relationships and positions Singapore as a world destination for modern artists. The exhibition will run from 12 January to February 24, 2019 at the National Museum Singapore, and entrance is free to the public. Events scheduled for Independent Objects include an artist talk and a round table of art collectors, details of which will be released in due course. The Ryan Foundation and its National Museum Singapore will also jointly issue a limited edition list for the landmark report at 500.

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