Thursday , September 24 2020
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Weather: Fast cool – DELFI


During the first half of Tuesday, the wind will recede, with some showers. Later the clouds will multiply and a new rain zone will approach. First of all, it will reach the western areas, with some thunderstorms and thunderstorms. In addition, in these areas, the western wind will again increase by 15-18 m / s. Heavy winds are expected in the south and southwest. Elsewhere in Lithuania, moderate winds will occasionally snow. The highest temperature will reach 11-16 degrees Celsius.

Rainy weather is also expected on Wednesday, with possible thunderstorms. There is still a small breeze to the west, 7-12 m / s, increasing to 15-18 m / s per day. The night will be 4-9 degrees Celsius, and the day will warm to 12-16 degrees Celsius.

The situation will change slightly on Thursday, but Friday will be slightly drier with a blown northwest wind. The night will only be left in places. It will be cool – 3-8 degrees Celsius, with some frosts from 0 to 2 degrees Celsius. During the day, many areas will soon experience rain clouds. The temperature will rise to 10-15 degrees.

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