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Typical roles of G. Maciulevičius in the kitchen (recipes)


Colored roll palette

"I've been playing for the 37th season since 1982. When I started working in the theater in 1982, I played 3250 projects so far, and when it comes to publishing the article, it will add more," surprised by impressive numbers. "I would start working as a killer of the old generation, theatrical blog: I have now described them in notebooks and now I have described on each computer the theater on the computer, what I played, how I was with my colleagues, what was good or bad , what experiences, what happened and is very interesting to me.

Not only the media, but also the colleagues of G.Maciulevičiai, deserves to invite the legend of the Kaunas musical theater – already playing with the third generation of actors, it would be difficult to name at least one show that does not include his name in the catalog of the performers. Operetta, opera and even rock opera, children's performances and recently popular musical – G.Maciulevičius was tested on all musical plays and his talent was repeatedly appreciated by Lithuanian theatrical art and government awards.

"For more than 15 years, I played only the main roles: Higgins, George Musical" My Beautiful Lady ", Aizenstein in" Bat "Operetta, Dr. Barlow in" Sevilla Hairdresser ", Prime Minister in Blood Vienna and other roles. but also similar to my character – I often felt a little jealous of those artists who had brilliant minor roles. Nowadays they like it – Pelican, manager of the Green Parrot Restaurant at Circus Princess, uncle Foolin for the musical " Adam's Family. "Otherwise, his creative expression sometimes requires far more "- says G.Maciulevičius, known worldwide in the world of music art and one of the three artists of the band" Baritonas trio "Opera in art director Kaunas, recently Teaches yet the stage language for students of the Vytautas Magnus University Music Academy.

Granny school

How can you guess, adjust, when to rest? It turns out that the more you are busy, the more you assume, but you relax, getting good mood and sometimes creative thoughts Gentinina goes to the kitchen. "Cooking has always been a passion for my life, of course, after the theater," the interlocutor smiles.

He says that, having spent some time with his grandmother, he was mother's mother and was a great hostess. The child liked to watch quietly how the work is melting in her hands: how she flushed the flour, peanut butter, nodded her … He watched but did not participate in the process. According to the singer, the role of this passive observer has attracted him, so it is no accident that the gourmet has become his favorite. On the other hand, learning to produce becomes life.

"I have been at school for nineteen years – with my wife Birute, we have been together for 43 years and we have been giving birth to children, so I was still studying at the Academy of Music and Theater, cooking omelets, pancakes, cobbards," says Gediminas. with grandson granddaughter today "Birute teaches that there is not enough free time and it is a great pleasure for me. The grandson school is close to my home, so they often come to eat."

The culinary discoveries of G.Maciulevičius – like the recent roles on the stage of the theater – are characteristic, flexible: can make miroshine, herring and soup, and the dish with meat or pasta. Love, distinction, inspiration, according to the singer, are the main ingredients. Gediminas avoids experiments and challenges in the stomach: its culinary base is based on the traditions of her grandmother's mother and both herself and her family appreciate delicious, soda but different foods than usual products.

A frequent visitor to the market

"In the past, preparing for Easter, Christmas and other big family holidays by a grandmother, I have recently taken over this tradition. There is always a small number of different types of butter: with dried scones, carrots, seeds, etc. My relatives will not understand if the carcase is not stuffed on the table and fried chicken – drained and ground chicken in a large jar of mayonnaise with water and an oven that has been heated in the oven for about 2 hours. My passion is meat dishes. I especially make the pichant adzhik sauce called Gediminas the only dish that spices only salt, pepper, sometimes throwing herbs, bay leaf soup, aromatic pepper – In the broth, we always add the onion with the shell – gives a beautiful golden shade, I get parsley, celery root, carrot – the taste of the soup is sweeter.

According to G.Maciulevičius, in his kitchen carrots are the most important vegetables. They fit anywhere: Gently, spicy, spicy spices on the dishes and decorate with a very beautiful orange shade. The solist is convinced that the food should not only be delicious, sophisticated but also beautiful – lure, awaken the appetite at a glance and always try to put it on the plate as nicely as possible to decorate it.

Almost every Saturday, the singer can see on Market Pilies – where he usually buys various vegetables and orders meat, poultry meat to a farmer who owns a biological farm, not only for himself but also for the families of children.

"I got it: 3-4 padded boxes that I put together in 1-1.5 hours, I also have enough to remove the dice from 8 chickens," the interlocutor smiles. "Lately, my idea is steady – pastry: no cake – it takes time, delicious kebabs, pastries, pastries, and the most popular seasonings are simple and very quickly made dough with apples."

Mum pepper soup

For inspiration:

600 grams of beef or turkey,

1 onion

3-4 cloves of garlic,




380 grams of flour,

130 ml of water

1 egg


For the sultan:

1 hen

3 liters of water

2 carrots

¼ of celery root

parsley root

small onion


3 flavored black pepper,

2 laurel leaves.

Boil the broth. Rinse the chicken meat, cut into pieces, put in a pot, pour cold water and boil. Pull the raised foam out, then add chopped vegetables, spices and cook on low heat for about an hour or until the meat becomes soft. Remove the cooked meat. Prepare the padding. Stir beef with beef or turkey with chopped onions, garlic, spices. Bring elastic, soft dough from confectionery. Screw it in a food membrane and let stand for an hour to swallow, then roll a thin sheet of it and press the small circles of its diameter. Place a spoonful of stuffing stuff into each roller, dip the dough ends around the meat with some water and rinse the half edges. Great, if you have a mold to create molds, work will go faster. Place the prepared pasta in a hot broth and cook for about 7-10 minutes when it rises to the surface. Serve in a bowl of soup with broth, season with freshly chopped parsley, sour cream.


1 kg of fat lamb,

6 big carrots

2 large onions



many laurel leaves,


tomato sauce.

Cut the meat into medium-sized cubes and grease it in a pan. Make carrots and light bulbs tight. Place the meat in boiling to boil with fatty juice and juice, add the ripened vegetables, add spices, pour it with water to coat and simmer for about an hour in a slow fire. Boil the rice separately. Ripe meat with rice and season with tomato sauce.

The bull is full

"We need carcasses, smoked ears, tongue, dried plums, salt, pepper, herbs, garlic. There are no specific quantities of the product – every time I cook differently," says the singer.

Large, thin and very sharp knife, without cutting the frames, remove the bone. Fold the flesh upwards and sprinkle with spices – salt, pepper, garlic, herbs and then turn the skin back. Fill the same knife in different places in the meat at different points – place smoked tongue, ear rings, dried prunes. Wrap the meat on the gauze, push as hard as possible – otherwise, cut a food. Shake a flipchart for 1-2 days, marinate and then boil. Make sure you add spicy vegetables to the broth. Cook for one hour or more – depends on size. Remove the meat from the broth and hide it with heavy objects. What will be heavier, fishing will be more consistent. "You can eat a warm carcase, but in our family is a cold snack," says the soloist.

Coffee Gedimino

1 liter of water

5-6 tablespoons of high quality coffee,

a teaspoon of cocoa

sugar to taste

stinging cinnamon

Add coffee, sugar, pour water and boil in a special pot for cooking. When foam comes out, remove from heat, add cocoa, cinnamon and boil again. When the foam rises, remove the container, wait until it snaps back and overheats – and do it 3-4 times. A dense foam is formed on the surface of the coffee and cocoa gives to this beverage an extremely delicate spice, which is especially loved by G.Macilevicius, who is the owner of the coffee.


2 kg of tomato

1 kg of carrot,

1 kg of peppers

1kg of apples

100 grams of sweet peppers,

100 grams of garlic,

1 glass of oil,

1 tablespoon of salt

1 glass of sugar

100 ml of vinegar.

Boil the oil to boil. Add the cut carrots, 1 minute. – other minced meat after another 5 minutes. – salt and chili peppers. Cook the sauce for 20 minutes. In slow heat, stir. Add chopped garlic. After 5 minutes Stir and stir well. Remove the liquid, grind the vegetables with an electric mixer. Then add vinegar, uncooked pot for another 5 minutes. keep it in the fire and put the sauce in the jars, close it. Scan only after a week.

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