Saturday , September 25 2021

The Hubble Space Telescope has been offline for more than a month

“Hubble is a symbol that has provided an incredible picture of the universe over the past three decades,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said in a statement.

“I’m proud of the Hubble team, from current members to Hubble alumni who have offered their support and experience,” Nelson said. Through their dedication and thoughtful work, Hubble will continue to build on its 31-year legacy to broaden our horizons with a vision of the universe.

The Hubble Telescope has created the universe we have understood for over 30 years. Discover the moons orbiting Pluto and prove that there is an oversized black hole in the core of almost every galaxy. He also played a key role in the discovery of dark matter, a mysterious substance that is invisible.

The telescope was to continue collecting data on Saturday for the first time since June 13. The telescope utility computer has encountered a problem.

The auxiliary computer, the standard NASA 1 spacecraft computer system or NSSC-1, is used to control and coordinate Hubble scientific instruments. Computer programs analyze and process the data collected.

NASA engineers have discovered that the problem is with the power control unit that ensures it is there A solid source of power to the computer, turning it into a backup PCU.

A PCU with an auxiliary computer is a scientific instrument in a drive and data processing unit.

The Hubble Space Telescope did not always work perfectly. According to NASA, a similar repair took place in 2008 when another part of the SI C&DH failed. Then in 2009 Maintenance work replaced the entire SI C&DH unit.

The spacecraft was sent five times to serve Hubble. However, in 2009 the mission was the most recent – and after the route was withdrawn, NASA had no way of launching astronauts on a space telescope on a repair mission.
A possible replacement for the Hubble Telescope is underway. NASA’s James Webbo Space Telescope is set to appear later this year. large, The infrared telescope looks set to become another major detective in the universe.

NASA said Hubble will continue for many years to work with other space observatories, including the James Webbo Space Telescope.

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