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NBA Newbie Star strike – filed on a trial day


On Wednesday, Prime Sports Marketing LLC and Gina Ford, chairman and chief executive officer of this company, filed a lawsuit with Z. Williamson and his delegation.

The marketing company claims that the basketball player violated the contract. They claim damages estimated at 100 million. USD.

Z. Williamson signed a contract with this company in April when he was not yet a dealer. He then wanted to end this five-year contract and moved to the CAA office in May and Prime Sports Marketing LLC filed a lawsuit.

AFP / Scanpix / Zion Williamson Camera

AFP / Scanpix / Zion Williamson Camera

The basketball player has received a claim the day he should be the first NBA novice.

Both companies want to represent Z. Williamson, as he will guarantee impressive contracts with various companies.

The basketball agent said earlier that Prime Sports Marketing LLC threatened the player and led to legal action.

Z. Williamson wants to terminate the contract with the former organization on the basis that the signed contract did not use the language required by law for agents of North Carolina athletes.

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