Saturday , September 25 2021

Lithuania prepares up to 10 thousand. accommodation for immigrants in campsites 3-4

“We estimate that there will be up to 10 thousand. People. We have reached such a peak and we certainly have no plans to do so this year. We are making such a public procurement – to accommodate up to 10 thousand. We estimate 3-4 places for accommodation. “In one camp, we estimate the population would be between 1 and 3 thousand people. But I do not want to name it so clearly, because the Ministry of Social Security and Labor will take over the housing of families or minors and we will be responsible for the next body.” , said Vindas Maitis, Deputy Commander of the State Border Guard Service (SBGS).

The respondent noted that the camps should be constructed of container-type cabins, which are usually inhabited by soldiers who carry out missions in areas where there are no stationary military bases.

“In the summer there is an air conditioning system, in the winter – heating. We believe that if the soldiers can live in such conditions, they should be excellent conditions for the illegal immigrants,” said B.

Asked about the possible 3-4 places where migrant camps could be accommodated, the Deputy Commander of the SBGS said that the places were not selected, but the Švenčionys area is one of the possibilities. It is scheduled to accommodate about 500 people in Dieveniškės in the near future, and container-type homes will be appearing for the first time at the Border Guard School in Medininkai – over 200 homes are due to show up here. According to the calculations of the Communication Strategy Department of the Ministry of Interior, the container houses of the Border Guard School can accommodate up to 900 people with the possibility of expanding up to 1,700 seats.

He just met us then. “If we build campsites from container houses, we will need protection, power supply, water, electricity, sewerage, workplaces for employees, the staff themselves”, explained V. Maiatis.

Deputy Interior Minister Vitalijus Dmitrijevas also confirmed that Lithuania is currently preparing a maximum of 10 thousand. for accommodation of people, in the first stage – up to 5 thousand. People. In this case, this means that it could be the total number of immigrants.

Speaking about the camps, the Undersecretary of the Interior said that gathering a large number of immigrants in one place would be pointless and difficult, so it is better to plan to create more campsites.

A few years ago, in preparation for a possible immigration crisis in Lithuania, exercises were simulated and the worst case scenario was predicted – about 40 thousand. Immigrants.

According to the SBGS, from January to July 22, Lithuania arrested 2,430 illegal immigrants. The vast majority of immigrants come from Iraq, often Iraqi Kurds. There are also migrants from the Congo, Cameroon, Guinea, Afghanistan.

The influx of migrants to Lithuania began when Belarus decided not to stop illegal immigration at its borders. In this way, Alexander Lukashenko’s regime reacted to European Union sanctions against Belarus following the forced landing of a Ryanair civilian aircraft in Minsk. It was carried out by Belarusian opposition journalist Raman Pratasevic and his girlfriend Sofia Sapega, both of whom were arrested and charged with anti-government activities.

Immigrants from third countries travel to Lithuania in hopes of entering the richest countries of the European Union, but under the agreements, Lithuania has a duty to stop migrants at its borders and process their asylum applications. If asylum applications are unfounded, migrants are sent to their country of origin.

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