Friday , May 14 2021

In the Kelme area, a BMW SUV collided with a truck

On Friday afternoon at 17.39 hours on Kelme Street on the 8th-kilometer Verpena-Šalteniai-Râmuta road, the 29-year-old BMW X5 (born in 1989), bent over a truck in front of him, was not convinced the bend requires strip part is free. The driver led to the opposite lane and faced a Renault Scenic leading in front of him, led by a 32-year-old man (born in 1986).

Poor Renault Scenic drivers and passengers sent to the Siauliai hospital due to cataracts were damaged during the accident.

The BMW X5 driver, due to superficial body injuries, has been issued for ambulatory treatment following a medical examination. All participants in road accidents were sober. The pre-trial investigation has begun.

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