GoPro Introduces New Hero 10 Black Action Camera


Photo quality and image stabilization

The new Hero 10 Black action camera features a new GP2 image processor combined with a 23.6 megapixel lens. The new product will offer users the ability to download with a resolution of 5.3K.

New America filming opportunities will offer 91 percent. higher resolution than 4K – and even 665 percent. higher than 1080p resolution when downloading. The new camera module will allow users to capture an image at 60 frames per second, which will ensure a smooth view of the image and later allow it to slow down up to twice.

The Hero 10 Black will also offer 4K resolution at 120 frames per second, which slows down the image by up to four times – or 2.4K resolution at 240 frames per second, allowing you to slow down the image by up to eight times Ε

The GP2 processor used in the camcorder will also be able to capture more detail, reproduce the texture of higher quality objects and provide better contrast. All of these benefits will be demonstrated by the Hero 10 Black, even in low light conditions. These features of the new GoPro processor are provided by improved image processing algorithms.

The manufacturers claim that a major step forward has also been taken in the field of image stabilization: the new model has been supplemented with updated HyperSmooth 4.0 functionality. The built-in horizontal alignment option on the action camera will have an increased tilt angle of 45 degrees, allowing you to capture a still image even in extremely chaotic conditions. In previous GoPro models, this feature was able to guarantee a professional look and still images at an angle of up to 27 degrees.

GoPro has also improved the screen on the back of the camera, which will respond better to touch than ever before. The Hero 10 Black will also have an improved front screen. The new model will also be equipped with a 1720 mAh battery with fast charging function, high resistance to taking or taking photos even underwater at depths of up to 10 meters, and many other benefits from the action cameras offered by GoPro.

Faster access to content

With the introduction of the new action camera, GoPro offers not only improved specifications, but also easier file transfers. From now on, the latest shots will be automatically saved in the GoPro users’ cloud storage account when they upload.

In addition, the new action camera will enable wireless up to 30 percent. Transfer content faster to Quik, which runs on Android and iOS – compared to previous-generation GoPro devices. Manufacturers note that wired shipping will also be up to 50 percent. faster compared to wireless data transmission.

Packing and case

In developing the new action camera, GoPro focused not only on improving its technical features, but also on sensitive global issues.

To reduce the environmental impact of GoPro products, the new Hero 10 Black will be sold in a special packaging without plastic. In addition, the GoPro Hero 10 Black will reach customers in a special package that can later be used as a travel case. This design will not only ensure the safety of your camcorder during the trip, but will also allow you to take extra GoPro accessories or camera mounts with you.

Availability and price

Global trading for the Hero 10 Black began on Thursday, with a suggested retail price of just over € 500. In Lithuania, the new GoPro product will be available in the official store of the manufacturer and in the partner stores of the company.


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