Tuesday , October 19 2021

followed by a well-known TV presenter


At the end of the show, the six commissioners who became detectives had to decide which hidden personality would be revealed. Unfortunately, the project, which had just begun, ended with the Panther. The biggest surprise of the night was that under this mask was hidden Rūta Mikelkevičiūtė, one of the brightest and most popular hosts of LNK TV shows, the star of the show “Bučuoju, Rūta”.

“The biggest challenge for me was how, weighing just 50 kilos, I would hold the heavy Panther head on my shoulders,” a famous woman shared her impressions.

Rūta admits that after receiving a call from the project’s producers to hide under a mask and sing, she was in no hurry to make a decision.

“The pandemic helped make that decision. I’m a frog traveler and for so long we could not go anywhere, we were locked between four walls. So I thought that life without adventures is just boring. Do you know how to make a cake without raisins, how is it? It’s just a bun, this one, for three kopecks. I will be open – I went here looking at the benefits for myself. “I thought I just wanted to have fun and have a good time,” Rata smiles.

Of course, the host of the LNK show, as always, does not wrap words in cotton and says that the biggest challenge for her, however, was not to sing, but to make friends with a mask.

“Imagine, I see a Panther mask. This mask does not fit catastrophically with my image. I do not wear tiger clothes in my life. It is true that I have such a workout, but I also bought it in a hurry when I just had to get out of the situation. But then I thought – and when will I be able to become a panther or play a witness in my life? Probably never! The woman remembers the first impression of the costume.

“Not only that, the tiger costume is nothing compared to what I had to overcome to put on Pantera’s head. I have claustrophobia and may have a panic attack. And you know what I was afraid of, that happened. Just before I got on stage, it was scary for me. I realized that I might not be on stage. But the creative team reassured me.

We agreed on what signal I should show to stop shooting. After all, you realize that when a panic attack starts you are not interested in any secrets, the people around you just want to get out of this situation. “I’m very glad it was not necessary and I kind of domesticated this Panther,” smiles Rūta Mikelkevičiūtė.

Ruth does not hide and says do not worry that you had to leave this project first. It is no secret that the agenda of a famous woman is very busy. Therefore, further involvement would require sacrificing time with her family.

“I am just happy to be here. I like to sing, even though I do not have that talent. It is true that I graduated from music school, but I never trained my voice. I can say so much that there is a game here and you have to have fun and have fun in it.

“Because in this project you can forget everything and maybe become what you would never dare in real life”, – a good woman shares a woman.

Want to know what is hidden under other masks? Then do not forget next Sunday at 7 p.m. 30 minutes. turn on the lnk tv. Six invisible masks will surprise you with their performances. And most importantly – at the end of the show you will find out which famous person is hiding one of them.

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