Monday , January 25 2021

Fear of Brexit – UK stocks no longer cover food

The Aldyt Wild Water storage company says it does not stop responding to the ever-increasing needs of the United Kingdom. The food industry stores masks for fear of being unpredictable after Brexit.

With the growing demand for wildlife storage, Wild Water claims to invest in Newport, Bristol and Staffordshire pltr, in addition to buying new facilities for Merthyr Tydfile and building a new building in Aberbargo.

The company, led by Ken Rattenburys, provides the food industry with a wide range of shredding and storage services used by both food manufacturers and retailers.

Now everyone stores stocks because they are afraid of another. If Brexit does not reach an agreement, companies fear that no one will recover a specific product, – BBC says Rattenbury

He argues that now the company's stock is used to supply various ingredients for the food industry and finished products to another supplier.

We work differently than we are. Every day we have to leave, because we just do not have a place, "said Wild Water. According to him, the warehouses of the company have already been used for 4 months ahead.

To be able to meet the growing demand for its services, the company is now buying a 12-acre packaging plant where it transforms Aldyit product storage. invests 1.7 million In 18 months, 120 units should be used.

Everything about Brexit I had a bad encounter and I just say that I'm worried about the commodity circulation in the UK after leaving the EU. The prefab can not be stored in doors because most of them are all the products to be exhausted. Manufacturers are afraid they will not be able to import the ingredient required for production, worry about the floor, worry about everything, but to think about everything. Everyone wants to make sure they have the right supplies, – says p. Rattenbury

The fact that manufacturers use the worst case scenario is the Federation of Food and Drink, the language and the ally.

That's what we're trying to do. And although large companies are based on Brexit, most small and medium-sized manufacturers do not have this resource, making it difficult to prepare, "a federal spokesman told BBC.

The government mitigates the manufacturers, arguing that the United Kingdom will continue to ensure both food security and commodity circulation.

We are doing everything we can to prepare for the EU heritage and for all the scenarios, not just for the possibility of not reaching a consensus with the community. However, we are doing everything we can to ensure that conditions in the EU are favorable to both sides – that is the position of the UK government.

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