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Evolution of smart watches: from James Bond to the golden age


Bite Profai in the media report offers a short, but very rich story of intelligent watches, inspired by James Bond himself.

"In June, one of the first intelligent watch-winning watches, Ruputer, was created by Seiko for their birthday. This Japanese company was known as a powerful watch maker, so it is natural that one of the first to enter the smart tracking area In 1982, Seiko himself created the T001 TV Watch, inspired by James Bond's popular "Octopus" movie, and this watch actually allowed you to watch TV but it was needed a lot of extra accessories, but the rolls k we create today is truly amazing and probably these watches are not left out of the James Bond », says Gintaras Gruodis, sharing the most spectacular stages of smart watches evolution.

Crazy Start: The touch screen is missing

According to G. Grudakis, the first intelligent clock called "Ruputer" had almost everything: "The flow of this watch is a 2 inch screen, and the watch itself allowed to play games, see the notebook, to use the calculator and all that 21 years ago! The only thing missing for these smart first generation watches was the touch screens – they had to be controlled with levers and buttons on the clock itself. "

Producer violation: GPS phone and up to 90 minutes of chat

"After the successful launch of the first smart watch, other manufacturers have also taken the initiative. For example, Samsung introduced the SPH-WP10 in 1999, the first watch-phone. Garmin, another well-known manufacturer today, introduced the first Forerunner 101 GPS watch in 2003. At that time, Garmin, another well-known maker today, introduced the first Forerunner 101 GPS watch in 2003. t This watch signaled the way out and helped me not get lost. already show the travel distance and the average speed, so fast to become the best digital friend for the most active athletes, "says C. Gkroudas.

Input: The operating system permanently replaces watches

Innovation, as Mr Gruodis says, in the development of smart phones has been converging with smart phones: "2012 is unique in the history of smart watches." This year, Pebble presented her smart work at Kickstarter, a finance platform The attempts to create clocks with the operating system were up until then but the Pebble operating system was separate – it enabled the downloading and use of gadgets and synchronization of the clock with the smartphone.Thus, this watch has become the most similar with today's intelligence watches with the operating system and operating principle.This work attracted a lot of attention and attracted over 10 million people.US The pebble clock itself was introduced in 2013. After paying such great attention to the beginning of this watch, have begun to create intelligent clocks with operating system, sync between device features and various gadgets. "

The market expands: Apple also delivers its smart watches

"In 2015, the smart watch market was shaken by Apple, which introduced the first Apple Watch, which did not differ much from its competitors at the time, but it was very stylish and easy to use, likewise, other manufacturers at that time started to pay more attention to the quality, appearance and convenience of their smart watches. "Starting with the first Apple Watch, the excellent design of smart watches has also become one of the key criteria for choosing such a clock," said G. Gruduas.

The Golden Age: Not all of today's smart watches are exhausted

"Nowadays, the golden era of smart watches has begun to emerge." Almost all manufacturers, such as Samsung, Garmin, Apple, Fitbit and others, focus on both watch-style, power and functionality. so smartly so they can automatically track the user's sports activities and track it down, it's also possible to change the call screen with a few taps, watch YouTube videos or watch the weather change. intelligent watches have rj the newer brothers of smartphones, just put their hands on. "

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