Thursday , July 29 2021

"Cosmic" criticism of S. Prūsaitis and Jazz: the unusual appearance has remained unnoticed

Factor X will feature Paulina and Neda, Mingail and Skirmant, Rock and Lauryn, Good Time Boys, MT Music, Opera, Roberta Raubickaitė and friend Nikita and Mikhail.

The members of the band "Cosmic" Maria Chlebopaševaitė-Šviesa and Ieva Labanauskaitė are distinguished from their appearance in other performances of the show, they are exclusive and impressive and the behavior of the members of the group – not of modest girls "Kosminės" really knows what is happening on the stage and what their strength is. It is true that it is difficult to know when girls are playing and when it really is, it is published in a press release.

"We've had a lot of fun together this summer, more space, more indoor center, we are ready for this stage," said Ieva, a member of the team.

We can expect everything from the following girls on stage: a theater of singing, a crazy performance, a unique show … So participants in Challenging Chairs will surely surprise those who have seen them.

Mary's Hairstyle – African Sauce. A twisted spike will be inserted into a metal spoon where the girl will play in the show. In "X Factor" they will perform the legendary song FOJE "The Childhood Roof". It is true that he will not watch the original song, but it will sound completely new – while playing pots.

"I'm glad you're not in my team, only Saulius Prusaitis can understand what you're doing and why I did not understand what happened here, but I probably should not figure it out, I remember the luggage and the fact that you look good all the time. what is happening and what music is associated with such shoes … You look terrible and look at Saul for the rest of my life, "says Justė Arlauskaitė-Jazzas after the show.

"They are not changing … Here is a normal, psychedelic pop, a new direction, but on the verge, I should cry. Forget the music, it's a musician, not a theater, the song is interesting. childhood is over, it is necessary to sit in the pots ", – joked Saulius Urbonavičius-Samas.

"There is such a saying – from the big letter comes out of the edge – this is not an international theater biennale – and I felt it – there was some sort of" performance. "I did not feel the song, I did not feel pleasure …" X Factor " goes to the earth, not space. He watches and hears the people of the earth, not the cosmets, "- says S. Prūsaitis.

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