Thursday , March 4 2021

Basketball leadership took place in Vilnius – they also discussed the war with Euroleague

The Secretary-General of the International Basketball Federation and Patrick Baumann of the International Olympic Committee, who died unexpectedly on October 13 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, aged 51, is honored in a minute of silence.

During the meeting, the board of FIBA ​​Europe touched a number of areas, starting with the 2021 European Basketball Championship, resulting in an ever-growing 3×3 basketball.

Women's basketball was the innovation – it was decided that the projection windows would be held in the 2021 Women's Football Championship in November 2019, November 2020 and February 2021. In turn, the first six positions of this year's European Championship take part in the Olympic tournament selection tournaments in February 2020.

Also, it was agreed that the Grand Basketball Tournament should not be out for 5th or 7th place unless it has a specific value (for example, entry to the Olympic Games Tournament).

The organizers of the European Youth Junior and Young Adult Youth Championships for the next ten years were approved at the meeting. There was no Lithuanian name this time between them.

At the end of the meeting, CEO FIBA ​​Europe Kamil Novak briefly shared his thoughts:

"As always, there were many questions, different commissions presented the results of their activities. One of the most important aspects was the organization of the next European Men's Football Championship in 2021 – the deadline for applications for countries wishing to apply. , a new FIBA ​​structure has already been discussed, but there are still some unresolved tax issues to comply with its regulations. rep organization. It also discussed a new system for the classification of international women's tournament – the World Championships and Olympic Games. These were precisely the main topics of today's meeting. "

K. Novaqas also confirmed that the situation with the windows of the choices organized by FIBA ​​remains unchanged: "The clubs continue not to let all their players, this was discussed shortly today. We are trying to find an agreement with Euroleague, but that it is not happening now. "

One of the board members, Jiri Zidekas, was also pleased that the meeting was beneficial:

"We had some relatively in-house issues to discuss, and I'm glad you managed to do it productively." As for the windows of choice – as everywhere, you can find both positive and negative aspects here. were useful because they first entered the world championship in the history of the country. In the fight with Russia, we had a record of participation, so I can not say anything bad, but I understand very well those who critically evaluate the and believe that this system can be improved by discussing. "

The other member of the board of FIBA ​​Europe and the legendary Spanish basketball player Jorge Garbajos, who was present at the meeting, welcomed the fact that the meeting was held in Lithuania:

"It is really fun to come to Vilnius for such an important meeting, the Spanish basketball federation maintains a really good relationship with Lithuania, so it is very nice to be here." The meeting itself was really fun because there are many important issues to be to be considered at this time – including the 2021 European Men's Basketball Championship and the International Women's Qualification for Basketball Tournaments. We need to tackle these issues together and unanimously.

I do not know if the selective window system is perfect, but I think it is well served with basketball propagation. It is also useful for federations where their national teams can hold official matches not only in the summer of the European, World Championships or the Olympic Games. Also, fans want a match, their best players can see more often. We are interested in the club, the championship, but the national team must also take care. "

Both Czechs and Spanish delegates also highlighted the growing popularity of 3×3 basketball in their countries.

"In Prague this year we organized one of the 3 × 3 championships, we had good support from the authorities, we organize tournaments at various historical points of interest for tourists, so we advertise both basketball and our country, so basically we are happy with a state of 3 × 3 basketball in our country ", – said J. Zidekas, the benefit of this sport.

"The 3×3 basketball is also moving forward in Spain," said J. Garbajosa. – The next year in our country is scheduled the first official 3 × 3 tournament planned for the whole country. In the past, we have had some gaps in this area, but we hope it will improve now more quickly. "

Another meeting of FIBA ​​Europe is scheduled for next March in Munich, Germany.

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