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Axha fears a failed boat in the ministry

On Friday, Gintautas Kanapeckas, the new Achema CEO and other group leaders, met with Ygimant Vaiy, Energy Minister. During the meeting, issues of the acquisition of SJD, VIAP and other energy taxes were discussed unambiguously.

Today, the pain has become, says the new head of the Achema team. In prayer, the Ministry of Energy is ready to improve its own observations and try to keep the rhythm (V meeting) on ​​pace.

The chief assured that strategic cooperation and communication with ministries will not change the direction of change.

Gintaras Balinas, Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Achema Group, are concerned that the thoughts of the Ministry of Energy are not happening.

We are afraid of a boat that has been given. An amount of € 10 million was also mentioned. Eur, we now see that this fee is not valid, – says p. Balina

He confirmed that the ministry should adjust to the SJD terminal funds from mid-next year, but recalls that the group will plan the next year's budget before launch. Moreover, according to him, he does not show how a tax note should be used in the future.

Yes, it is from the middle of next year. But, in our view, it is not considered a trick, like the NCCPE on October 25th. New charges for the operation of the SJD terminal were approved. They are increasing over 2 million. Eur. A pound of a million dollars, which could come from mid-next year, is offset by growth, according to Ballina

Do not get a detailed picture of the overall picture, "says Aurelia Vernickait, Energy Minister's adviser. – Since the first meeting with representatives of Achema, some general steps have been taken to reduce taxes to Achem as the largest gas consumer. Most of these were due to the decision to acquire the SST terminal. It does not question one side and the legal acts are already being prepared.

According to her, another change in the means to realize the volume of sales from 2019

As a result, the Government Economic Development Committee decided that the state after 2024 The Norwegian company Hoegh LNG will buy the Klaipeda SSGD terminal to independence. This is one of the means by which, according to the Ministry of Energy, the roof shelter can be reduced to half for the company.

At present, Achema has paid a quarter of the total amount of the SkGD import terminal in Klaipėda to more than 80 million. Eur. The manufacturer manufactures about half of the total gas consumed in Lithuania, part of the SkGD terminal.

PIAP version after court order

There are other means that Achema has agreed to keep talking, as the answer has not been taken before, but we are now seeing constructively and doing it. We must not forget that the Energy Ministry's initiative has been made available to ACM and other energy-intensive industries for the benefit of the PSO. And it is up to Mons to decide if he does something, says p. Vernicka

Group representatives said the company is interested in taking the opportunity to benefit from the next relief from public debt. However, when it comes to deciding the settlement with the PSOI administrator, it intends to take a court order. Achema, Lifosa and Orlen Lithuania have been challenged before the court in previous periods to collect the PIAP fee.

According to Bali, October 6, the European Court of Justice examines whether the accusations of PSO are not illegal state support. Mr Balin assured that the company had decided the settlement decision with a PSOP (this would allow the use of a differentiated public service regime) following a court order.

I think we'll probably find a solution to the EJT rather quickly, which is gin and the paths, "says p. Balina

From V, from 2019 Starting will be the subject of public service relief for more than 1 GWh of electricity consumed by companies. It approved the percentage of (85%) paid PSO prices for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources.

The subsistence rate will be calculated from 1 GWh of electricity consumed and used by MFIs only. VIAP Achema l is due to the manager about 12 million. Eur PIAP end.

There are more than 800 ATMs to alleviate the PSI.

The plant is fully operational

RamnasMiliauskas, AB Achema's General Manager, said the plant is currently working with full production capacity.

The plant is currently in full operation. This is natural because the bottom line comes in a moment when it tries to keep production. Otherwise, we will have the additional heating required to update the equipment, says the factory manager.

It is true that he observes that market players behave atypical markets of factory production are already burns, which is more than a month earlier than the poor.

As a rule, the markets will be around mid-December at the time of gasoline, – says p. Miliauskas

Meet the tradition

In the summer, the leaders of the Achema Group met three times with Mr. Finally, at the end of August, the leadership of the company met with Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis, energy and industry ministers, in a bid to compromise on the delays of the SkGD terminal.

Mr Balin clarified the media's inias and was previously dismissed by CEO Linas Sabaliauskas and Simonas Klimavičius, economic and financial director, for the posts he supported.

Obviously they had their own plan, "said Mr. Balina They are not forgiven, but willingly.

As I mentioned in the company's report, released by the head of administration, it was reported that p. Salaviakos and Klimaviyov was fired as he lost the trust of the team's board.

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