Saturday , October 16 2021

Autumn in autumn explodes rhododendron rings in Kaunas

The unusually warm autumn has disrupted the established nature order. The raspberry bushes continue to throw fruit and the rhododendrons are shaved.

The rain that swept Lithuania this summer swept Lithuania, and the vaulted heat of the sun's rays had begun to fade even before the beginning of the summer calendar.

It seems that in the autumn it also decided to get bored. Mushrooms start surprise at the beginning of November. At that time, people still share photos of social strata in virtual mummies or cheek-hammers, ranging from a long rhythm to color.

The company has mushrooms – wild berries. The latter, at least around Kaunas, can be found in comfort. Beginning with strawberries of magma size in cayenne blocks, ending with raspberries in the forest.

"The daughters of the bushes gathered their palms and one of the raspberries was ripe and the others were green," uncle Ana told unpredictable autumn meals in Aukštaja Panemunė's pine forest.

One of the raspberries was ripe, others were green.

Autumn shoots cause disturbance in the rhythm of other plants. Until recently, people in Kedainiai occupied apple and cherry, but the Vytautas Magnus University Botanical Garden (VMU) in Kaunas began the flowering of the rhododendrons. The smirnov, cum, scarlet, blue and other kinds of rhododendrons are buried here with colorful flowers.

"On 7 November 2018, the Dunamis rhododendrons – Dr Asta Malakauskienė, Vytautas Magnatas University Botanical Garden Divider, shared the discovery on Wednesday with her Feisbuk account.

Asked if the normal rhythm of the plants was disturbed by an unusually warm autumn, the scientist did not question this, but another version was submitted to Kauno diena. "Yes, because of the heat and perhaps somewhat affected by the summer drought, when the rhododendas suffered from heat and then recovered in the autumn," said an expert.

According to the experts of VMU Botanical Gardens, this autumn more than the usual flowering and more flowers. For example, canoes from more exotic tips, also known as peppers, or dwarfs usually end up blooming early in October. Later they are frozen. This year plants are blooming so far.

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